Clean Ocean Zone

Protect the Ocean: Support the Clean Ocean Zone

We’ve come a long way from the days of dead marine life, raw sewage, medical waste and garbage washing-up on our beaches, ocean dumping of sewage sludge, acid waste, toxin-laden muck, and many other harmful activities. Today, the ocean off the New Jersey/New York Coast is dumpsite-free, cleaner, and healthier.

Did you know…The NY/NJ Ocean is Extraordinarily Valuable?

The marine life off our coast is among the most diverse in the country? Over 20 species of whales and dolphins, 4 species of seals, 5 species of sea turtles, and hundreds of fish and bird species inhabit our region. The rich bounty of fish supports a multi-billion dollar fishing industry employing thousands. Our beautiful beaches sustain a multi-billion dollar tourism industry that provides hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Offshore Industrial Facilities Looming.

Just a few short years back, three massive foreign-fossil fuel import facilities, renewed offshore drilling, and several new pipelines were proposed for the NY/NJ Bight. This industrial attack was unprecedented. A swift, strong, and dedicated community-coalition effort led by Clean Ocean Action thwarted this ocean industrialization—but that victory was tenuous at best.

Last June, Liberty Natural Gas cam back threatening the bight and our coasts by proposing to build an offshore LNG port 17 miles south of Jones Beach, New York.  Over 25,000 public comments were submitted to the federal government on the proposal and only 16 were in support of it.

There are waste, oil, gas, pipeline, sewage, and pollution threats to our shores that require strong protections – for the sake of the ecosystem, public health, and the clean ocean economies that our communities rely on!

The Clean Ocean Zone (COZ) to the rescue.

Making the NY/NJ Bight the nation’s first “Clean Ocean Zone” would lock-out harmful, polluting, industrial activities off our coast, and lock-in permanent protection for future generations. You can help!  The “Clean Ocean Zone” is a federal initiative drafted by citizens just like you who care about the quality of the ocean and its future.  If implemented, the COZ will:

Reduce Pollution • Protect Marine Ecosystems • Support Clean Ocean Uses

  1. Keep the ocean dumpsite-free.
  2. Clean up the old contaminated Mud Dump Site with environmentally sound alternatives.
  3. Prohibit new point sources of pollution such as wastewater discharge outfalls.
  4. Protect valuable sand and gravel resources by prohibiting industrial strip-mining, while allowing beach replenishment activities.
  5. Prohibit industrial and non-renewable energy facilities and infrastructure, including liquefied natural gas complexes, and oil and gas exploration, development, and drilling.
  6. Require responsible decisions on renewable energy siting and development.
  7. Support recreational and commercial fishing.
  8. Support approved artificial reefs.
  9. Support and sustain maritime activities that depend on a healthy and clean ocean.

Be the Solution…
Support the COZ!

For a copy of the COZ Bill, please click here.

For a copy of a Clean Ocean Zone Factsheet, please click here.